Ridiculous Job Titles

Have you noticed the recent plethora of different job titles describing the same job.
Recently I’ve noticed that there are members of the Passionate Service Squad, or the Fanatical Support Team or there’s even Happiness Officers.  These all used to be called Support or Help Desk.
On a particular dysfunctional day when I seem to be running up the down escalator and nothing is going to plan, should I phone the Happiness Officer and say “go on, make me happy (or sleepy or bashful)”.
If I’m feeling particularly unloved should I contact the Passionate Service Squad for a bit of tender loving care.
Even the Fanatical Support Team sounds more like ‘rent a mob’.
When things go wrong I want to be able to phone a Support or Help line, preferably here in the U.K., I don’t want Passion, Happiness or Fanaticism I just want good old fashioned Support.

1.       “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”