Ideally, most of us would like in-depth search fields where you can search by Date Range, the To, From, Subject and Message Content fields of the email. Mailsafe encompasses this and goes one step further. In ‘advanced search’ you can search on Attachment file types, so if you can recollect that the email had an Excel file type Attachment with the file name of Project XYZ, you can add the file type as .xls and the file name as Project XYZ to the search conditions, finding the email you want in seconds.

Additionally, emails in Personal Folders can have this association retained when they are archived. Searches of Personal Folder emails can be made and combined with generic searches making the whole process a lot quicker and easier.

These advanced search facilities in products such as Mailsafe enables users to ‘self-service’ their own search and find requests. IT support benefits from this as the number of search and find requests will fall sharply, allowing them to focus on more pressing support enquiries.

You now plan to implement email archiving to take advantage of the advanced searching capabilities, but you are worried about the masses of PST files dotted around on your Client PCs and servers and the inability to search through them as well. But there’s no need to worry, Mailsafe works directly in conjunction with PST Discovery and PST Importer to find and import all of your PST files into the central email archive, enabling them to be searchable. Techne-Comm will also supply you with the means to ‘disconnect’ the PST files from the user’s Outlook account so that once it is archived, the user will not be able to save any more emails to that PST.

If you would like more information about searching, finding and viewing emails in the archive book a web demonstration now by clicking here, or if you would like to find more information on the Tagging & Sharing feature which enhances the ability to search and find emails.