Customer Spotlight – Hewland Engineering

02 / 09 / 2014 

Hewland Engineering was founded by Mike Hewland in 1957. It is the company that invented the bespoke racing car gearbox and it has supplied the world’s best racing car constructors ever since.

You will find Hewland transmissions and components in nearly every category of motorsport, from the stages of the World Rally Championship to the touring car race circuits of Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia.

They have designed over 200 bespoke gearboxes, are the only company to supply a complete semi-automatic gearbox, and also supply a range of modern and classic gearboxes for the wider market.

Mailsafe Email Archiving

Techne-Comm had originally supplied Hewland a document management system where they could scan in their documents into a database in which it would automatically tag the documents to a part or job number. They then could use a web interface to search for any document relating to a specific part or job number.

After scanning and tagging the majority of their paper documents, Hewland then approached Techne-Comm to see if it would be possible to tag emails in the same manner,  as their designers needed a way to centrally organise and collaborate on their project emails.

Techne-Comm’s Mailsafe email archiving solution was a perfect fit and for the last seven years it has enabled Hewland’s Transmission Designers to tag and share emails from Microsoft Outlook (with up to six index fields e.g. Customer Name, Part No., Job No. etc.).
Hewland now benefit from the ability to instantly search on the TO, FROM, Subject, Body Message and Date fields and also by Attachment Type and Attachment Filename, saving them significant amounts of time when searching for any email and/or its attachment.
For more information on Hewland Engineering, please visit their website.