Techne-Comm archiving solutions supports NHSmail refresh; healthcare market turns to Mailsafe to secure its email archives

20 / 10 / 2014

Techne-Comm, an email filing and archiving specialist, is gaining momentum within the healthcare sector with its archiving solution Mailsafe, as various units within the NHS adopt NHSmail.

The increase in the use of NHSmail is due to a refresh initiative, supported by the HSCIC and an associated update to the Secure Email Standard. NHS Trusts and other sites are being encouraged to adopt NHSmail or upgrade their current Microsoft Exchange Server to the required secure standard. NHSmail is the only secure email service with ‘Government OFFICIAL SENSITIVE’ status, and is approved by the Department of Health for the purpose of sharing patient identifiable and other sensitive information.

NHSmail is a secure, resilient, cost-effective and flexible solution with other inherent benefits. Techne-Comm’s Mailsafe solution works in conjunction with the system to provide an effective and secure archiving function.

“One of the potential drawbacks of NHSmail is that it has limited mailbox storage,” says Mike Freeman, sales director, Techne-Comm. “This has implications for users already using NHSmail and for those migrating to the system. Having easy access to archived information is critical for many of these users and while the use of Personal Storage Files (PSTs) is an option, large files are prone to corruption and are costly to back up.”

Mailsafe securely archives emails, protected with AES256 bit encryption that satisfies NHS/Public Sector security requirements, without using stubbing or shortcutting techniques. Each user’s Personal Folder structure is replicated in the archive, enhancing its usability and enabling instant searches from within Outlook. The user-friendly solution also allows users to manually select emails to be archived, or set up rules for automatic archiving.

Emails that are automatically archived are also deleted from the mailbox ensuring that users always stay within space limits.

“Compared to using PST files, the technical structure of the Mailsafe archive ensures that a typical daily backup will consist of gigabytes of data, instead of several terabytes which translates in significant cost and times savings for the NHS,” concludes Freeman.