The importance of email archiving in the healthcare sector

22 / 10 / 2014

For critical sectors, such as healthcare, the main requirements for an email archiving solution  are ease of use and accessibility. In the NHS, there is a vast amount of sensitive patient information being shared on a daily basis and considering that much of this information must be kept for compliance and legal reasons, it is vital that the retention and searchability of this data is not restricted in any way.

The role of email archiving is therefore of paramount importance to the successful performance of NHSmail. As the only dedicated mail system to have received Government OFFICIAL SENSITIVE accreditation and be fully approved by the Department of Health, the vast majority of NHS organisations are using NHSmail in some form, and usage is set to grow even further in response to the recent refresh initiative driven by HSCIC.

The initiative has encouraged NHS trusts and organisations to either move to NHSmail or bring existing email systems in line with the new standards. Having the right email archiving technology and solutions in place will enable users and staff to be more productive and effective, which will ultimately impact on patient care.

Watch this space for an article from Mike Freeman, sales director, Techne-Comm Ltd looking at the general state of play in email archiving in the health environment, particularly looking at how the health industry can improve its data and email management.