100% of Data is not backed up

Many variables can contribute to having a less than optimum amount of data being backed up/archived. This could include employees that work remotely, certain PCs/laptops not being backed up in the first place and an email archiving solution not being implemented.

Data backup process untested

A data backup process is needed to ensure that all files are getting archived correctly. Do not simply set up the data backup process and assume it is correctly storing all of your data. This needs to be checked on a regular basis; otherwise the risk of data loss dramatically increases.

Backup files become corrupt

This is extremely prevalent within email archiving. PST Files (a short term archiving solution for email) are prone to corruption if they surpass a certain size. This can be prevented by understanding how your data is being backed up i.e. what files types and their advantages/ disadvantages compared with others. Relating to PST Files, using email archive software which archives all emails to a secure server rather than storing files locally would be the preferred option.

Natural disasters and human error

Natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods can cause irreparable damage to businesses which do not backup their data. Human error is prevalent in all businesses and it is very difficult to avoid. Automated backup routines with regular backup checks are advised; if possible use email archiving software and other data backup routines that do not require files to be stored locally.

Backing up emails and data is a necessity

For the reasons listed above, it is advised that all businesses, regardless of the size, should have an air tight backup process in place to archive their emails and data. Treating the backup process as a mere formality could cause your organisation major problems in the future.