Email Archiving Pricing

16 / 01 / 2014 

The price of email archiving has come down considerably over the past few years and is now not a budget busting purchase with Mailsafe. Purchase options are available for both annual licence options or for capital purchase based on the number of active users or live mailboxes (with generic and leaver mailboxes included for free).

Additional costs to be taken into consideration are installation, training and deployment costs which again have come down because of recent advances. For example installation of email archiving software can be done remotely by an experienced engineer (subject to access) and can take on average a few hours, whereas in the past it required a site visit by an engineer who would spend in the region of three to four days on site.

Training is a lot easier too because users are familiar with Outlook and the searching, finding, viewing for archived emails is via an Outlook ‘add in’. In addition with the use of ‘training videos’ installed on the site’s intranet, the need for a visit by an experienced trainer is no longer necessary.
‘On the move’ email archive access from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is now becoming more popular but are normally priced separately because the number of users for this facility is a lot less.

Email archiving will provide the opportunity for mailbox size reduction and because of encryption and compression techniques the average storage saving for the archive is 50%. Tier 1 disk storage is not required and backup requirements are less so the hardware outlay will be minimal if at all.