The Dangers of The Reply All Button

08 / 01 / 2014

Reply All is the danger button – why you need to think twice, check, double check before sending!
We’ve all accidentally sent someone the wrong email or sent the odd personal email whilst at work but the article in the Mail Online highlights perfectly the danger of the Reply All button.

Your personal life can become public or important business information is there for all to see.
Once you’ve sent an email you have lost control of it.  You cannot guarantee that the recipients will not broadcast the content further and in today’s age they can go viral with posts on Twitter and Facebook, or by simply emailing their friends.

The end result is usually some kind if disciplinary procedures against the employees involved but should the onus be on the company or organisation to educate users and discourage them from using the company emails system for private use? And it’s not always the user’s personal life that is being beamed around the world and landing in random inboxes.

Private businesses reputations can be shattered with the accidental release of sensitive data whilst the Information Commissioner’s office can come down hard on those companies that have not been able to demonstrate they have effective data leak prevention policies in place.

In instances like this, it can be handy if the company has an archive of the emails to fall back on.  Often if an email has been accidentally sent and the user realises this, then the temptation for them is to immediately delete it from their mailbox in the hopes that the error cannot be traced back to them.
An email archive enables the company to discover any transgressions should they come to light and put their hands on the exact email trail – whether the breach is a personal one or a sensitive data leak, at least the original email is to hand and can be dealt with accordingly.

Think twice about the content of the email and think again before hitting reply all.