Email Archiving: Personal Folders

16 / 01 / 2014

Users organise their emails into Personal Folders in Outlook e.g. Project Name, emails from the boss, Department, Contracts, Orders etc with the aim of grouping all emails relating to a specific theme or topic in one place.  This makes searching for an email on a specific topic within Outlook a lot easier.

With all users having different ideas on Personal Folders, they are after all personal to each individual, it has not been feasible to include these details into the email archiving process until now.
Previously, users felt that their hard work in organising emails into Personal Folders was just discarded when it came to email archiving and was a ‘bone of contention’ with them when it came to using email archiving.

User’s Personal Folder structures can now be replicated in the email archive and kept updated so that searching and finding of specific emails in the archive or groups of emails is both easier and quicker.
The email archive is purely an email filing and storage system.  It is designed for a specific purpose, with single instance archiving cutting down the amount of storage required.   It also offers both fast access and retrieval of the original email together with any attachments.

Enabling Personal Folder searching together with generic data e.g. From/To Date, From/To Name, From/To Email address, Subject Line, Message Text as well as Attachment name searching, gives the user powerful and accurate searching criteria so that any archived email can be found easily.
For a long time users have been looking to email archiving to have Personal Folders included and now it’s available.