‘Extending’ the size of NHSmail or Exchange Mailboxes

21 / 03 /2014

With an ‘extension’ to their NHSmail or Exchange Mailbox the twin user problems of quota size limitation and the need to use PST files is eliminated. 
If the NHSmail or Exchange Mailbox quota size is exceeded often users cannot send or receive emails, so an automatic process to keep the Mailbox below the quota limit will take the stress away from both the user and the System Administrator.

To keep below their Mailbox quota limit users currently move emails out of their Mailbox and file them in PST files.  There are a number of reasons why this is not a good choice but the major issue is that it is not a simple process to search and find emails in PST files, sometimes it’s impossible if the PST file has been corrupted.  Users are often uncomfortable with the whole PST procedure of filing, searching, finding and returning emails to their Mailbox resulting in them often requiring assistance from the Help Desk.

Mailsafe offers an ‘extension’ to the user’s NHSmail or Exchange Mailbox and solves both quota size limitation and PST file problems.   Emails are moved out of the NHSmail or Exchange Mailbox to a secure single instance, ‘on site’ location together with their Personal Folder structure, attachments etc, therefore keeping below the Mailbox quota limit.  These ‘moved’ emails are still accessible from Outlook and can be easily searched for, found, viewed and even returned to the Mailbox.  It’s a simple but secure extension to the user’s Mailbox designed specifically for emails and uses a SQL server database together with a secure Mailstore.  No PST files are needed.

The ‘moving’ of emails out of NHSmail or Exchange Mailboxes can be an automatic background process or it can be a user decision based on individual emails or groups of emails.  There is no impact on NHSmail or Exchange with either process.  The concept of an ‘extension’ to the user’s NHSmail or Exchange Mailbox means that users have access to all of their important emails via Outlook either in their Mailbox or in the ‘extension’ and do not have to worry about Mailbox quota limits or PST files.