More and more people are using mobile devices in a professional capacity on project sites, at home or even on the move. According to research conducted by YouGov and Ofcom, 58% of people in the UK use a mobile device for work and 40% of people would like to use their own device for work purposes. It is widely perceived that the number of people that will use a mobile devices for work purposes will rise in the future, giving more flexibility and improving efficiency for many different industries.

A few examples of how mobile working can improve efficiency are how GPs can now perform home visits whilst using their mobile device to access patient information and Project Managers on construction sites can access project information at a tap of a screen as long as they have access to the internet.

Techne-Comm has reacted to this development and created a Web App to facilitate mobile working for Mailsafe, their email archiving product. The Web App allows users to search, find and tag emails on-the-go.

Searches can be made on emails that are tagged. For example, a Project Manager working on a project site can instantly find all the email correspondence for a particular Project Name/Number to help resolve issues quickly.

Generic searches can also be made on the email To, From, CC, BCC, Date, Subject Line, Body Message, as well as information about the attachment type and attachment filename. If necessary, a copy of an email can be returned to the user’s mailbox for forwarding/replying etc.
If you would like to have mobile access to the email archive with Mailsafe’s Web App, these services will be pre-installed by one of our trained engineers on your server at an additional cost. The Web App runs on iOS, Android and PC.