The New NHS Secure Email Standard – Is It The Right Time to Migrate to NHSmail

13 / 03 / 2014

The announcement of a new secure email standard by the Information Standards Board for all Health and Social Care organisations means that now is a good time for a Trust to investigate the options for its existing and future email service. 

The secure email standard is planned for June 2016 and this news will certainly help the planning process.  Although it’s early days, various Trusts will have different decision points around upgrading their local email service and will want to factor this cost and the resources required, if they want to remain with the locally hosted route.

Additionally, with the end of Microsoft’s support for Exchange 2003 coupled with the need to demonstrate an investment that is “value for money”, the decision to upgrade to a newer version of Exchange Server could prove an expensive move.  Any project will be saddled with the need to invest further to ensure it meets the required new secure standard.

Alternatively, a Trust could look to purchase a hosted email solution or they could choose to migrate to NHSmail, the secure email service for the NHS that already meets the new secure standard.
The benefits of moving to NHSmail are clear and it is now an opportune time to dispense with the existing Exchange server infrastructure and licensing costs.

But how easy is it to migrate to NHSmail or NHSmail2 from Exchange Server?

Initially this type of project can seem daunting, time-consuming and costly but with the right products, planning and forethought, the process is straightforward.
Mailsafe for the NHS can make it a smooth transition by simplifying the steps required to migrate successfully.

Mailsafe is a UK-based email archiving solution, owned and supported by Techne-Comm, and has a strong track record in the NHS for both Exchange Server and NHSmail sites.
By archiving all historical emails residing on the Exchange server, along with PST files, Calendar Items and Contacts, it will mean minimal or zero email data being migrated across to NHSmail.  All archive data is immediately accessible to users the moment they begin using their NHSmail account.
Whilst Mailsafe provides the tools for any Trust to handle the migration themselves, if internal resources are scarce, Techne-Comm now offer a fully managed migration service to ease the burden.
With clear benefits of reduced storage and back up costs through Single Instance archiving and compression, having email and calendar data readily available within seconds satisfies the most stringent Information Governance procedures.

Furthermore, there will be zero impact for Trusts using Mailsafe when the award for NHSmail2 is announced.  Mailsafe for NHSmail is the only “Client Side” archiving tool available having zero impact on the NHSmail server infrastructure.  When NHSmail mailboxes are migrated to NHSmail2, Mailsafe users can carry on as normal without interruption.

If you are considering a more efficient way of managing your email infrastructure, migrating to NHSmail, or potentially interested in our secure N3 hosted solution available in Q2, then please get in touch today for a no-obligation discussion with one of our email archiving experts.