“The technology we use on a daily basis does not come without its perceived dangers as three quarters (77%) of Business Continuity Managers fear the possibility of an unplanned IT and telecoms outage and 73% worry about the possibility of a cyber-attack or data breach. The report also identifies long-term trends, with 73% seeing the use of the internet for malicious attacks as a major threat that needs to be closely monitored, with 63% feeling the same way about the influence of social media.”

The fact that 73% felt that cyber-attacks and data breaches are perceived as a major threat, underpins the importance of data security which can range from anti-virus/malware protection to email encryption.

Email encryption is especially vital in protecting sensitive data as it’s not only the text within the email that can be screened. Attachments which could contain purchase orders, invoices or contacts could be at risk of being stolen or misused if the right email encryption isn’t in place.

“Developing the resilience of networks, services and business critical information must be an integral part of an organisation’s wider business resilience strategy. By putting in place a framework based on risk standards, you will be able to identify, prioritise and manage the range of threats to your business more effectively and keep your stakeholders reassured.”

Techne-Comm agrees wholeheartedly with this, and it’s one of the reasons why every email in Mailsafe’s email archive is protected with AES256 bit encryption. Authenticity of the original email is also guaranteed when using Mailsafe’s Compliance module, preventing users from editing or hard deleting emails from the email archive. Our customers have peace of mind that Mailsafe is protecting their critical business information from data breaches and cyber-attacks in the email archive.