NHS: The Need for Email Compliance

18 / 03 / 2014

It’s not good enough to simply copy or print out emails from Outlook Mailboxes or from PST files because users can Edit the email message without a record being kept of the alteration or Delete it altogether.

The answer is to install an email archiving system that guarantees that a copy of all emails that have been sent or received are captured at source on the Exchange server and are immediately archived ‘on site’ outside of Exchange, after compression and encryption.  No emails can be deleted from the email archive and no emails can be changed or amended.  They can be accessed together with any attachments in any format that might be requested e.g. original .MSG format, printed etc but the original remains in the email archive.

Access to search, find and view emails in the archive is via Outlook.  Access rights to all emails can be given to a ‘Poweruser’ who can search, find and view any or all emails, but any actions by the ‘Poweruser’ are logged in a secure log file.

Archived emails can provide a self service to users who can access and view only their own emails. System Administrators can also benefit because Mailbox sizes can be reduced by deleting ‘old’ emails from Mailboxes safe in the knowledge that a copy is available in the email archive.