Mailsafe’s Automatic Archiving feature can handle all of the archiving for you and this is managed and configured by your Mailsafe Administrator.  If this feature is turned on, Mailsafe will automatically archive all of your emails that are older than a specified date range e.g. 6 months, and associate each email with the correct folder in the archive for easy searching later.

The user Automatic Archive configuration panel is available from the Options button on the Mailsafe toolbar.

As a user you can control how often email archiving takes place by selecting the Change Schedule button, whereby you can choose to archive on a regular time basis e.g. every minute, every five minutes, every hour etc.  Alternatively you could opt for archiving to take place once a day at a specific time, e.g. 1.00 pm.

Tip: The Mailsafe Administrator will set a general ‘Message Retention’ timeframe e.g. 6 months.  As a user you can refine that timeframe to a lesser extent such as 5 months, 4 months, 7 days, you cannot expand the timeframe to 7 months, 8 months etc.