How to Refine Your Search (2): Search in Results, Recent & New Searches & Edit Archiving

16 / 05 / 2014

Search in Results – Refining Your Search

Mailsafe also offers users an option to search in results.
A user can search the ‘From’ field with ‘hubspot’, and then click ‘Search in Results’ tab at the bottom of the screen and to narrow the search down you would then type ‘lisa’.

After ‘Search in Results’ is initiated:

This search within results narrowed 100 emails down to 7.

Recent Searches

The ‘Recent Searches’ button will show all searches you have done since you Outlook was opened. Whenever Outlook is closed, it resets the list of recent searches.

New Search

After a search has been initiated, if the user is not happy with the search and wants to change the entire search requirements, the ‘New Search’ button enables the user to do just that.

Edit Archiving

If you want to change the Personal Folder that an email is assigned to in the archive, you can click the ‘Edit Archiving’ button.

Simply select the email, or a range of emails which you want to change and then click ‘Edit Archiving’.

Tip: To select a range of emails from the search results list, use CTRL + Mouse Click on the emails you require.

You can now change the Personal Folder the email is associated with in the Mailsafe Archive, by a single Mouse Click on the correct folder, followed by the Save Changes button.