How to do Advanced Searching with Mailsafe

15 / 05 / 2014

Advanced Searches enable you to perform a search to the archive about any information contained within the email, for example, whether there is an attachment present in the email, whether the attachment is a certain file type or even if you can remember part of the filename for a particular attachment

To access the Advanced Search builder, simply tick the box called Advanced Search at the top right of the main Mailsafe Search Screen.

This will take you through to the Advanced Search Screen and you will need to select the Advanced button to proceed.

The Advanced button enables you to select the criteria of your search from a drop-down list and then enter a value in the Value field, followed by the Add button.  Once you have entered all the search criteria required, click OK followed by the Search button on the main search screen to perform the search.

The following is an example search looking for an email that has a PDF attachment with a filename of proposal