How to Refine Your Search (1): Date Range, To, From, Subject & Message

17 / 05 / 2014

These are ‘AND’ condition searches, you can combine the Date and Subject Line, To and From, From and Message Body etc. to complete a search. 

Date Ranges

Date searches can be selected to narrow down your search in the Mailsafe archive.

Mouse Click the button highlighted above, it will bring up a calendar which enables the selection of dates.

You can also input the date format by typing in the text box.

01 May, 01 05, 1 5 – these will default it to the current year (e.g. 01 May 2014)

01 May 2014, 1 May 2014, 01 05 2014, 1 5 2014, 01 May 14 are also accepted.

The ‘To date’ box will default to today’s date if left blank.

To and From Email Addresses and Display Names

To and From searches can be initiated in a number of ways to help you find the specific email you are searching for. The rules apply to both the To and From email fields.

When searching for an email you can perform searches on the Display Name and the Email Address.

For example,  with the display name of ‘Lisa Toner, Hubspot’.
For an email search, you could input ‘hubspot’, ‘lisa.toner’, ‘’ or ‘’ (i.e. part of the email address or the full email address) into the text field.

If you know the display name of the person, i.e. ‘Lisa Toner, Hubspot’, you could type ‘Lisa’, ‘lisa toner’ or ‘Lisa Toner, Hubspot’ to narrow the search.

These searches are very flexible and can hold parts of the display name, parts of the email address, the full display name and the full email address.

Subject Line & Message

When using the ‘Subject Line’ & ‘Message’ fields you can search for phrases, words, the full subject line etc. and then you can refine the search by using ‘Search in Results’.

When searching on a Subject Line, you can search on a specific word or a phrase then receive a list of results. For example, searching for marketing automation will return all emails with the words ‘marketing’ and ‘automation’ in the subject line. If you know the full Subject Line, you can search on that as well. If you surround a words with speech marks (e.g. “marketing automation”), it will treat the search as a phrase and return the results showing emails with these words in that exact order.
The same searching rules apply for Message content searches.