How To Configure the Options Button

13 / 05 / 2014

The Options button from the Mailsafe toolbar enables the user to configure some minor aspects of how Mailsafe operates.

Display confirmation message after successful archiving of emails 

Tick this box for a display message confirming the archiving of each email

When archiving, default the sensitivity to ‘Private’ 

All emails are Private when archived and this box is ticked as a default.  In the NHS if this box is un-ticked, Mailsafe will enforce ‘everything is Private’ when archiving emails.  If Mailsafe is used in ‘Tagging and Sharing’ mode (not applicable to the NHS), then emails can be made available to other groups of users for searching and finding.  De-select this box to default the archiving to those groups that you are a member of.

Delete email from Outlook after it’s been archived 

This tick box is enabled if the Mailsafe Administrator has selected the function ‘User Decides’ as to whether an email is to be deleted or not from the user mailbox once it has been archived.  A tick in this box will enforce deletion once the email is archived.

Archive new messages when sent 

Tick this box for a pop up reminder to archive a message as it is sent

Web Login Credentials 

If the Mailsafe WebApp Services have been installed and you wish to access archived emails on iOS, Android, PC or MAC you will need to create your unique Username and Password.  Whenever you use the WebApp you will be prompted to enter these secure details before being given access your archived emails.