With email ‘compliance’ never lose an email again

13 / 08 / 2015

Fast searching, finding, viewing and if required returning a copy of any email to a user’s Exchange Mailbox should be quick and easy.  The user should be able to self service this process from an Outlook toolbar ‘add in’ or a mobile device or it can be a tool for a Poweruser with elevated rights.  

The original archived email together with attachments should always remain in the email archive in a compressed and encrypted state.

Trust and confidence that no email can be lost and easily found in an email archive means that a complete and accurate ‘picture’ of an email trail can be quickly established.  The need for PST files can also be eliminated altogether saving on storage and backup requirements.   Mailsafe’s ‘lean’ infrastructure provides a very secure environment for single instance archiving with fast searching facilities based on SQL server or MySQL database searches.

Mailsafe has two routes to capturing emails at source, one is via Microsoft’s Exchange Journaling feature and the second route is when an email ‘lands’ in Outlook’s Inbox or is sent from Outlook.  ‘Stubbing’ is not used because this leaves a stub in Exchange and has a number of drawbacks to its use.

Fast searching from an Outlook toolbar ‘add in’ on a mixture of fields, including Attachment file names, together with ‘Search Within Results’ means that targeted emails can be quickly found, previewed and viewed.

For more information please click here http://www.mailsafe.co.uk/email-compliance