Cloud email archiving pricing

20 / 08 / 2015

Pricing for cloud based email archiving is notoriously difficult because your hosting provider deals in so many variables that do not directly relate to the actual number of emails.  It’s virtually impossible to calculate what your cost budget will be because you cannot calculate power usage, internet access frequency etc.

Mailsafe Cloud has a sensible monthly option that’s based on a per Mailbox basis with pricing that is easy to understand with unlimited fast access to your securely archived emails.  You can ‘park’ old emails in the cloud outside of Exchange just in case you might want to access them at some time. ‘Parked’ emails can then be automatically deleted from Exchange so that your Exchange server is healthier and backup times are shorter.  Access to your archived emails is from an Outlook ‘add in’ toolbar or from any mobile device. 

MySQL database is used to save on licencing costs, or you can have SQL server if you prefer, and prices include all hardware, software, internet access from either desktop or a mobile device, support and maintenance.  It’s a ‘turn key’ email archiving solution that is competitively priced.

As a basic price guide Mailsafe Cloud is available at £3 per Mailbox per month for current users or when ‘parking’ old emails the price per 1,000 emails is £1.23 per annum.  Volume discounts can be applied to this basic price.

Office 365 users will need our ‘user side’ archiving modules whereby users can select which emails that want to archive or Mailsafe will automatically capture and archive each email as it enters the Inbox or is Sent i.e. User Side Email Compliance.

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