Business Intelligence, emails and system integration

19 / 08 / 2015

Many emails that flow in and out of an organisation contain what is generally termed as ‘business intelligence’.  This ‘business intelligence’ contained within an email can be automatically integrated into other systems.

For example an archived email can be automatically analysed for the occurrence of a particular number or phrase and when the number or phrase is ‘captured’ then a process can be applied to the email’s data.  Where an email contains a Patient Identification Number (PIN) then the patient record system can be automatically updated with the email’s details and any attachments.  Similarly where a Purchase Order number is ‘captured’ in the body of an email then your Purchase Order system can be updated.

The automatic interrogation and capturing of information is not possible within Exchange or Outlook because they dedicated products relating to email delivery, email receipt and local filing.  However it can be done with a secure email archiving system where the data is outside of Exchange.

Mailsafe’s single instance email archiving product is able to interrogate, capture and extract any information or data relating to an archived email and is therefore ideally suited to output any data to an API.  Output data can be in a format that the targeted recipient software can accept e.g. xml.  Additional selective rules can also be applied e.g. only apply to specific domain name or only apply to specific email addresses etc.

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