Email archiving as an extension of a user’s Mailbox

20 / 08 / 2015

A ‘bloated’ Exchange server, PST files all over your network and you don’t know where they are, Mailbox size quota limits etc all of these issues and much more can be solved with a single instance email archiving system.  A healthy Exchange server with only current emails in it runs more efficiently and backups take less time too. 

An email archiving system doesn’t mean that archived emails are ‘out of sight out of mind’ because a good email archiving product should be like an extension to a user’s Mailbox but with the archived emails outside of Exchange.  The user should have the comfort of being able to search and find any archived email in seconds from either an Outlook toolbar ‘add in’ or from a mobile device if they are ‘on the move’.  Users often use Outlook for filing emails and have their own unique Personal Folder filing system, this of course can be retained in the email archive to aid searching and finding.

Mailsafe is a single instance email archiving product that runs with Exchange or NHSmail and NHSmail2 and has been approved by HSCIC, and is being used by NHS England together with a wide range of NHS Trusts and CSU’s.  It has evolved over a number of years with many additions as a direct result of customer requests.  One important feature is the privileged access rights that can be granted to a limited number of personnel as a ‘Poweruser’ whereby they can access all archived emails.  This is often used for FOI and DPA requests or resolving disputes or accessing emails relating to users who have left the organisation.

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