Organisation wide email discovery

20 / 08 / 2015

To discover an email trail for any of your organisation’s users, or past users, can be very time consuming and difficult.  You probably don’t know if the emails have been deleted, amended, are in PST files, still in a Personal Folder in Outlook or where they are.

With Mailsafe users can search find and view their own archived emails, however there is a higher level of access rights for people like yourself or similar and this is called a Poweruser.  A Poweruser has access to all archived emails via Mailsafe’s searching and finding tools that are an ‘add in’ to the Outlook toolbar.  If there is a dispute or argument involving emails then a Poweruser has rights to quickly search all user emails that have been sent or received, confident in the knowledge that nothing has been deleted or amended.  Searches can be by Date Range, From/To email or domain address, Subject line content, Message content as well as Attachment File Name or Attachment Type. Mailsafe is a centralised single instance email archiving system therefore searches for example where a Date Range and a To Domain are specified will result in all users emails being listed that have been sent to that domain in the time span.  Further refinement with search within results will enable you to accurately narrow down your search to specific emails.

For someone in your position this makes finding an email an easy, simple task instead of a laborious time consuming one and decisions can be made knowing that you have all relevant email information.  A copy of the original email can be returned to a Mailbox if required whilst the original will always remain in the email archive.

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