Disputes or Arguments quickly resolved with the complete email ‘picture’

13 / 08 / 2015

Where there’s a Dispute or Argument that needs quick resolution, for a Site or Contract Manager to have a complete trail of all emails sent or received by everyone involved enables them to quickly assess the situation and make the right decision. The Site or Contract Manager does not need to refer back to IT Department or Help Desk regarding emails when all of the information is at their fingertips.

Mailsafe’s unique tagging and sharing of archived emails can be achieved with little or no effort on the individual user’s part because rules can be automatically applied based on domain name or email address.  Emails satisfying the rule requirements can then have metadata automatically applied e.g. Branch Code, Contract/Site Id, Type of Work, Material etc which can be used when searching for particular emails.  No emails will be missed and all will have correct data applied to them.

Archived emails relating to a specific Site or Contract can be automatically shared with other users too who have a responsibility for the Site, without the need for multiple copies being sent around or as sometimes happens some people get omitted from the copying process. 

One single instance copy of each archived email that is accessible by users who are allowed access, keeps everyone informed and up to date because they’ll have the complete email ‘picture’. 

IT Department will also be pleased because multiple copies of the same email can be deleted from Exchange reducing its size and keeping it healthier as well as reducing backup times.

For more information click on http://www.mailsafe.co.uk/email-tagging-sharing