Want to know what emails are being sent?

12 / 08 / 2015

Do you want to know what emails are being sent from you practice and by whom? Mailsafe has a facility whereby Powerusers can be allocated permissions to search and view all emails that have been sent from the practice.  If you are concerned about a particular matter and how it is being progressed or by a particular individual’s actions then you can ‘keep an eye’ on things by easily searching and finding any archived emails relating to the item of your concern

Similarly if you need to access an email for a person who has left your practice, it is often difficult to know where to start looking i.e. is it in a Personal Folder or PST, has it been deleted etc.  With Mailsafe as a Poweruser you can access any ‘old’ emails from anyone at any time.  Searching and finding is extremely quick and easy to use from an Outlook toolbar add-in.

For more information visit http://www.mailsafe.co.uk/email-compliance