Email Archiving for ‘Compliance’

20 / 08 / 2015

How can you be sure that you’ve got the ‘truth’ and the whole ‘email picture’ when you are tasked to resolve an issue involving a trail of many emails?

You are probably aware that emails can be deleted or amended by users without a trail being maintained.  So how can you be sure that you have all the information and can stand up in a court of law confident that you have all of the relevant email information as well as the ‘time frame’ associated with sent or received emails?

The answer is a secure email archiving system that has been approved by HSCIC that captures a forensically sound copy of an email at source i.e. when it’s sent or received.  Fast, comprehensive searching facilities must also exist so that answers to questions can be produced immediately and without delay.  You need to quickly know where you stand before issues gather pace and spiral out of control.

Mailsafe is being used extensively throughout the NHS, including NHS England, and is available as an ‘on premise’ or a ‘cloud’ solution for either Exchange or NHSmail users.  Searching, finding and viewing is via an Outlook toolbar ‘add in’, so it’s easy to use, and where necessary copies of archived emails can be returned to a Mailbox or saved for further investigative purposes.  With Mailsafe you can be confident that all legitimate emails are captured at source and securely archived to a single instance archive that’s outside Exchange server or NHSmail.

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