Getting rid of PST files without losing emails

18 / 08 / 2015

Do you know where all of your PST files are and how much storage space they are taking up?

PST Discovery will identify where all your PST files are located on network drives as well as local PC hard disks and detailed viewable reports will be produced showing the size of each PST file, who owns it etc.

Selected PST files or all PST files can then be imported into Mailsafe, our lean, secure email archiving software product.  Users are then able to ‘self service’ their searching for old emails via an Outlook ‘add in’ toolbar because all emails are treated as ‘private’ to the user.  ‘Powerusers’ have superior access rights and are able to search across all archived emails for emails that might have been owned by someone who has left the organisation or is off sick etc.

To view a PST whiteboard video click here  or for a free trial please click here and we’ll be pleased to arrange it for you.