De-clutter your Exchange for a healthier email server

18 / 08 / 2015

By de-cluttering your Exchange of old and unwanted emails it will be healthier and your backup times and costs will be lower.

Exchange was never designed to be a filing system, yet users retain old emails for years ‘just in case’ without any consideration of the effect that they are having on Exchange’s performance.  If emails are important and need to be retained then why not archive them to a secure single instance email archiving system where they cannot be deleted or amended.  During the email archiving process the emails will be deleted from Exchange.  Archived emails are still accessible via an Outlook ‘add in’ toolbar and where necessary a copy can be returned to a Mailbox.

Mailsafe, which is approved by HSCIC, offers a variety of different methodologies for email archiving e.g. server side ( or user side that will improve the health of your Exchange server. 

For more information on how to de-clutter your Exchange server please contact us and we’ll be pleased discuss how we can help you.