Automatic Client Id tagging of archived emails

12 / 08 / 2015

Archived sent and received emails can be automatically tagged with their correct Client Id so that you have a complete record of all emails relating to that Client.  Rules can be easily created in Mailsafe from a CSV list so that specific action can be taken based on an email address or just a domain name. Emails satisfying the rule requirements can then have further metadata applied e.g. Tax Year, Business Tax or Personal Tax etc that can be used when searching for particular emails.

Archived emails relating to a specific Client and topic can be shared with other users in your practice.  This eliminates the need for multiple copies of the same email being sent around your practice, or as sometimes happens they are forgotten to be sent.  One single instance copy of each archived email that is accessible by users who are allowed access keeps everyone informed and up to date.

Email archiving compliance is also important in your practice because as you are probably aware emails can be deleted or amended without trace.  You need to have the complete and full picture regarding emails if there is a dispute or argument, and you can only get this with automatic email compliance.  You can be confident of your decisions when you have the ‘complete picture and time-frame of events.